About Kingdom Sports Group

Official Merchandise for the Olympics and other high profile international sporting events. Kingdom Sports Group started out as a pin and merchandise manufacturer for the Olympics. Since then we have grown to provide pins, merchandise, tickets, accommodation, and tours for both general public and sporting committees  for any and all sporting events.

Kingdom Pins

Kingdom Pins is where you can buy Official and Licensed Pin from Past Olympics. KSG has been a manufacturer of pins for both NOC teams, Country Pins and Special event pins. Pin sales are subject to availability of stock.

Team Stuff

KSG are proud to announce or new brand of Team stuff. Team Stuff focuses on the sale team uniforms and supporter apparel for the country that KSG represent as an ATO at international sporting events.

Gold Coast 2018

 KSG has been given approval to make certain licensed Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games merchandise such as scarfs,  ties, towels, onesies and more. Gold Coast 2018 is your way of being able to purchase these exclusive products.


KSG is where you can purchase previous memorabilia such as scarfs, uniforms (in select sizes), ties, miniature Rio Olympic torches and more. Check out the KSG page to find out more.


What we offer

Kingdom Sports Group is your one stop shop for Official and Licensed Merchandise for Olympics, Commonwealth and other large high profile international sporting events.  Kingdom Sports Group is an Authorised Ticket Reseller for over 28 countries for the Commonwealth Games Gold Coast and will also be selling for Winter Olympics, Rugby World Cup, and Tokyo Olympics.